Photo of William P. WhartonAt his death in 1976, William P. Wharton's will created The William P. Wharton Trust to carry on his lifelong support of the study and conservation of nature in its broadest form on the local, national, and international scenes. The Trust is administered by the Trustees at the law firm of Choate Hall & Stewart LLP in Boston, Massachusetts.

The Trust only makes grants to organizations as described in paragraph (1) or (2) of Section 509(a) of the Internal Revenue Code (i.e., a publicly supported charity or a governmental unit). The Trust does not make grants to individuals or organizations classified as a private foundation.

At the present time, the Trustees and Advisors of the William  P. Wharton Trust have set in place the following additional guidelines for grant applications.

Grant monies must be used directly on the project described in the application.  In the case of a grant awarded for direct land conservation, monies must be applied to the actual purchase price of the land or conservation easement/restriction and/or to relevant direct costs only, which may include appraisals, legal fees, closing costs, boundary surveys, environmental assessments, and/or ecological assessments.

No grant monies may be directed to pooled funds of any sort or held for investment, (except for temporary placement pending expenditure) whether intended or described to support stewardship, land management, legal contingencies, endowment or any other organizational purpose, even if restricted to the described project.  In addition, unless specifically referred to elsewhere in this grant approval letter, no Wharton Trust funds may be used for the construction, restoration, improvement, cleanup or demolition of buildings, trails, signage, kiosks, gates, fences, bridges, boat ramps, parking lots or any other man-made structure or for overhead charges, fundraising, marketing, outreach, communications, maintenance, contingency, or so-called 'soft costs', even if directly related to the specified project.

No grant monies may be "re-granted" or transferred to other entities except in the ordinary course of business, i.e. paying for services or products as described in the application.


Please note updates to the Website that include application procedural changes.

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